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Molding & Casting Processes

NOTE: This is not a tutorial, teaching or educational site.

The content on this page is an overview of my various body mold making and casting processes for potential customers & models to get an idea of what to expect during a mold-making session.

On this page many details are skipped over.

All material placed on skin is certified skin safe.

The model should mention any skin or other allergies, along with other concerns, prior to a work session.

You should not attempt making body molds without proper tools, materials, mentorship, training and instruction.

All models and clients may be required to sign a release form.

Putting plaster directly on the skin can be dangerous.
See my ADVICE section (bottom of page) if you're even thinking about this technique.

Silicone & Alginate adhere to clothing.

If you wish to include clothing as part of the mold the clothing will have to be coated in a release agent; typically Petroleum Jelly.

Needless to say, this will likely ruin the clothing but is an option.

Hand or foot is placed in an alginate which drys to form a detailed mold.

model foot in alginate model hand in alginate
Plaster casting of Hand
plaster cast
Plaster casting of Foot
plaster cast

Front-only, single use mold: an alginate is brushed or rubbed on surface.
Plaster is put over top to give the mold stability.

model face brushed with alginate model face covered with plaster

For a wrap-around or multi-use mold, skin-safe silicone is placed on the surface.

To increase thickness, additional layers are added.
Plaster coated on top for structual support.

model breasts with layer 1 of silicone model breasts with layer 2 of silicone model breasts with plaster layer
white plastic cast of breasts

plastic cast

Head Life Cast Process

Vulva Life Cast Process

Video: special thanks to model Ella.

Photo of Labia: front view Photo of Labia mold - front Photo of Labia silicone cast from mold - front
Mold & Silicone Casting

Photo of Labia: from behind Photo of Labia mold - back Photo of Labia silicone cast from mold - rear
Mold & Silicone Casting

silicone hand casting

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