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This site contains artistic nudes.

If you purchased a "Clone-A-Pussy" or "Clone-A-Willy" kit (or similar) and need assistance, I offer free help.

If you've read the reviews, many people like the end product but have troubles with the process. As a professional life caster, I can assist. Swing by with your kit and let's make a clone of you!

Why free? Because you already have the kit and a percentage of those whom I help come back to purchase other life casting or body painting services.

I do not provide or sell the kits.

I can make a silicone life cast of genitalia without the kit. (examples)
You may email for current pricing; it is less than a flesh light. However, I don't provide the tube or sleeve portion to make a complete flesh light.


silicone hand casting
professional models seeking hire, send an e-mail to:

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